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Imagine you and your team can focus solely on your business, while brand, design, and Webflow tasks are handled on-demand.

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Streamline your solo business with efficient brand management, design system updates, and Webflow website enhancements.

  • 20 hours per billing period*
  • 1 active task at a time
  • For a single Webflow project
  • 2-4 days average turn around**
  • 1 day response time (Mo-Fri)
  • Slack channel
  • Client dashboard
  • Cancel anytime

Experience flexible support for more projects, ensuring your website, branding, and design systems remain at the forefront.

  • 40 hours per billing period*
  • 1 active task at a time
  • Up to 3 brands in portfolio
  • Up to 5 Webflow projects
  • 2-4 days average turn around**
  • 1 day response time (Mo-Fri)
  • Slack channel
  • Client dashboard
  • Cancel anytime
  • 7-days free trial

Unleash potential with limitless solutions for multi-brand businesses needing high-volume website updates and expansive design projects.

  • Unlimited hours
  • 1 active task at a time
  • Up to 5 brands in portfolio
  • Up to 10 Webflow projects
  • Creation of new projects
  • 2-4 days average turn around**
  • 1 day response time (Mo-Fri)
  • Slack channel
  • Client dashboard
  • Cancel anytime
  • 7-days free trial
*If you exceed the hours included in your plan, you have the option to upgrade by paying the difference to move to a higher tier plan. Additionally, you can change plans within our customer portal for the upcoming billing period.
**Average turn around time is dependent on task complexity
By purchasing the maintenance plan, you agree to privacy policy and terms.

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What's included?

  • Branding
  • Design Systems
  • Website Prototyping
  • App Prototyping
  • Webflow Development

Hear From Those I've Helped

Jaroslav has surpassed all my expectations when designing the website for my online course. Fast, Reliable, trustworthy, and always willing to go above and beyond. Very quickly I was able to trust him to make certain decisions for me as he knows what works aesthetically as well as what is most user friendly. Im thrilled with the final website and so thankful to have had Jaroslav to help make this a reality.

Sam Kolder
World-renowned Filmmaker & Influencer

Working with Jaroslav was incredible. He brought a sense of ease and clarity to the entire process. His constant updates and clear explanations meant that I was never in the dark about what was happening next. What really impresses me is the way he shares his knowledge and educates on the 'why' behind everything. Every interaction was a learning opportunity, and I've come away with so much insight about web development. It’s not every day you find someone who can both do and teach exceptionally well. The final website is amazing. It was everything I could’ve dreamed of, and it specifically has so many unique touches that I would never have thought of without Jaroslav taking the lead. His expertise was evident in every detail, and his guidance was invaluable in bringing my vision to life. For anyone looking for a web developer who is knowledgeable, approachable, and genuinely invested in your project, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend Jaroslav.

Tommy Martin
Founder of Forever North

Cooperation with Jaroslav was absolutely seamless, fast, and with great communication, which is rarely seen :) The project also turned out above expectations and we were surprised ourselves what is possible in Webflow. The price was more than fair and the deadline was met to the last day. We already have another project ongoing and I would definitely recommend working with Jaroslav to you as well.

Ondrej Kostolňák
Director at Outloud

He is very professional with his work. Everything is done on time and the work is done well every time. What we appreciate also is his reporting of the work and the research he does to amplify the solutions he is providing us.

Tia Huttula
Digital marketing specialist

Jaroslav brings a lot of polish and finesse to crafting and shipping awesome Webflow websites. Without a doubt, every project he worked on with us was a masterpiece. I'd greatly recommend his services!

Anebi Agbo
Founder of Eikon Labs

The cooperation with Jaroslav went absolutely great, I like his approach, especially responsibility, diligence, how he meets deadlines and most importantly, he created a great website for me. I am planning another project, the creation of which I will entrust to Jaroslav again.

Vojta Žižka

Jaroslav was extremely fast, responsive, and executed our visions to the point. We gave him some freedom to incorporate his own creativity in the webpage, and he took that freedom to make some really cool things happen. His focus is on content over form, but the "form" he was able to create is cool, interactive and most importantly, CLEAN. The website does what it is supposed to do. Jaroslav also has excellent animation skills!

Bass Bridgforth
Founder of Gurupad

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